Getting Fat in Bruges

Getting Fat in Bruges

The cute town of Bruges ended our first swipe of Europe. People had been telling me to watch In Bruges before I went, and I didn’t. But I watched it not so long ago, after I came back, and loved it! It’s a brilliant movie and if you have any intention to visit Bruges I highly recommend it! It’s about two Irish killers who got sent to hide in Bruges by their boss – which sounds pretty bleak, and it is in some ways, but it is also sooo SO funny! It features charming Bruges in all its glory – the medieval buildings, churches, the cobbled-stone streets, the canals. I also love Irish accent so I might be a bit biased there!

All the Chocolate in the World

The first thing that struck me as soon as I got to the center of the town is that there’s chocolate everywhere! Chocolate shops full of chocolate truffles, pralines, drinks, cakes, cookies. Chocolate chocolate chocolate!

Okay, I get it! Belgium is The Place for chocolate!

It’s very interesting how the specialty of a country just smacks you in the face when you visit. Like Mozart in Austria, or clocks in Switzerland. (When I arrived at Geneva airport, there are posters of watches and clocks everywhere, all around the airport! Switzerland is for another post though.)

I love chocolate, so over the 2 nights we were there we did eat lots of chocolate! We got hot chocolate drinks a few times, chocolate dessert, waffles with chocolate, crepe with chocolate, chocolate snack. And we bought a small box of pralines to bring home. Everything’s SO GOOD! Totally worth getting fat in Bruges for!

chocolate tulip

My favorite has to be this fancy hot chocolate! The hot milk came with chocolate tulip with chocolate flakes in it, which then you dip into the milk, let it float, then mix. Yum! – at Bittersweet Cafe

more yummy things - at Bittersweet Cafe

more yummy things – at Bittersweet Cafe

Charming Little Town

Bruges was the perfect city to unwind after our busy trip around Europe. It was quaint and pretty. We had breakfast just next to the window overlooking the canals with swans passing by. A short stroll brought us to the town square. You can walk the entire city too from end to end and checkout some fortress at the end with windmills. It was just lovely.

Bruges town square

Bruges town square

Belfry of Bruges, or Belfort

Belfry of Bruges, or Belfort

canals in Bruges

canals in Bruges

windmill in Bruges

Didn’t see windmills in Amsterdam? Well you can see them in Bruges too!

Bruges is an hour away from Brussel. Ticket is €16.50 pp one way. (We came back with Eurostar to London and the ticket includes trip from any Belgian station to Brussel.)

We skipped Brussel entirely for this journey, but plan to come back next time for its Comic and Tintin museums.

As a city Bruges is definitely the prettier of the two, so consider coming to Bruges when you pass by Belgium!

So that wraps up our first swipe of Europe. There will be MORE Europe, because I’m going for the second swipe in less than 3 weeks! Excited? Yes!


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