mee with Parthenon

On Top of the World at the Top of the Acropolis

Athens is one of those places that seemed unreal for me as a child. A land far far away where all the Greek mythology is from, where the Greek gods and goddesses roam the world, where lots of things started, like the Olympics, and oh, Western civilization!

It was like a place in a story book. Like fairy tale. Maybe it didn’t even cross my mind that it was real, and that it was possible for me to go there someday. It was too far. So very very far.

So when I finally arrived at the Acropolis, really, my eyes got all teary.

It’s another dream comes true.

Parthenon, Acropolis

My mom knows how I loved Greek mythology, and how I devoured books after books of Greek mythology as a kid, how I remember the names and stories of all the gods and the goddesses. She was happy to remind me about that. I’m happy that she knows how important the moment was and that she was there together with me there.

To be at the Acropolis and reach the Parthenon was a surreal experience and definitely one of those “I cannot believe I am here right now” moment. *teary*

And indeed it was very hard to believe! I have been a fan of the goddess Athena since I was a child – Athena the goddess of knowledge. Parthenon is a temple dedicated for Athena, who the Athenians considered as their patron god. So there I was, it’s like I was paying a tribute to my patron goddess. I could not believe I was there! *hyperventilating fan-girl moment!*

 mee with Parthenon

This is it people. This is the 2500 years old building that has inspired so many important buildings in the world, from Pantheon in Rome to the White House in the US. Like the mother of all buildings with pillars!

It is really quite battered, and is in the middle of restoration. After all it has been a temple, a church, a mosque, and a military training ground during its lifetime!

mee with Parthenon

Felt on top of the world when I was at the top of the Acropolis :)

There will be a few series of posts on Athens, but I feel like I need to get this out of the system first! ;)


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