Comics Guesthouse – Rome

When I came across Comics Guesthouse while planning my second trip to Rome for a best friend’s wedding, I knew I had to contact them for partnership offering. So here I am, proudly presenting the first ever sponsor for Wandering Mee!

I used to be an avid gamer and a game developer, and I’m always a big fan of comics and cartoons. Comics Guesthouse is like a geek haven (yes, Mee is proud to be geek) with comics/game/cartoon/anime theme all over the rooms, hallway, and lounge room. A rather eccentric choice for Rome, but I love quirky hostel and guesthouse, so this is totally right up my alley!

There are six rooms in Comics Guesthouse, each with their own theme: Marvel and DC heroes, Diabolik, Lupin, Mario Bros, Betty Boop, Dylan dog. I was put in Diabolik room:

Comics Guesthouse - Diabolik Room

I was very impressed when I checked into the room. Lots of details were painstakingly worked on by Stefano and his friend – two of them doing all the work and running the hostel. Lots of canvases on the walls – some printed, some hand-painted/drawn. That left panel above consists of individual pressed printed papers, brushed with protective transparent paint.

Comics Guesthouse - Diabolik room

the bathroom door

Comics Guesthouse - Diabolik book

There’s even a Diabolik comic on the table! What a nice touch! (though too bad it’s in Italian so I couldn’t read :)

Comics Guesthouse - Diabolik room

Comics Guesthouse - Diabolik room

giant printed canvas

Too bad that I could not check out the other rooms myself, but you can check out more pictures on their site, and maybe book a room with the theme that you want if you’re interested to stay here.

I never heard of Diabolik comic prior to my visit, which apparently is an Italian comic. I would love to stay in Betty Boop or Mario Bros room next time!

Comics Guesthouse - hallway

Hallway with City Hunter poster (I like!). You can also see Betty Boop’s room door (all room has its theme character on the door).

Comics Guesthouse - hallway

Looney Toones hallway!

Comics Guesthouse - office

The little office with The Simpsons theme!

Comics Guesthouse - the lounge room

The lounge room. Check out Spiderman on the ceiling!

Comics Guesthouse - lounge room

Stefano among his labor of love

The lounge room has a couple of arcade game machines, a big TV with game consoles and DVD player, the wall is full of posters and there’s an Iron Man life-size figure in the corner.

In fact the whole guesthouse is full choked of posters and toys. It is obvious there’s so much work and love put into the whole thing. Just look at my Diabolik room. Everything from the curtain, the bed cover, the wall colours, the posters, the pillow, the carpet, the bean bag, the comic on the bedside table, everything is meticulously prepared. The details are just astounding!

Maybe someday I could do a theme guesthouse like this :)

Thank you Stefano for welcoming me to your guesthouse. What an interesting experience!

Have a quirky hotel somewhere in Europe? I welcome an invitation to cover your place. Just drop me a mail at!

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