A Spain Road Trip Following the Steps of an Indian Movie

A Spain Road Trip Following the Steps of an Indian Movie

One fine day, a friend of mine asked if I want to go to Spain for a road trip, following the steps of this Indian movie she really loved:

the aforementioned Indian movie

the aforementioned Indian movie

In Zindagi na Milegi Dobara three friends go on a road trip around Spain, to fulfill a boyhood dream before one of them gets married. Fun movie. At the end one guy gets the courage, one gains knowledge, and one gets a heart. Sounds familiar? But the most important part for us is the yellow brick road that is Spain.

I watched the movie, noted down all the cities they go to and told her, sure I would LOVE to go if we also go to these 11 UNESCO World Heritage sites (spending hours to look them up one by one), Gibraltar, and Morocco.

Agreement was reached. And the idea has given birth to a concrete plan!

I’m going with the everything-Indian lover friend who I shall refer to as Mighty Mona from here on, since she’ll do all the driving (she lives in Switzerland so she knows how to drive on the wrong side of the road), and another friend who is Indian-descent Mauritian who’ll come with us for half the trip. So there are three of us, including one Indian-looking guy — who I have to point out also loved the movie and had been dreaming to do the road trip too before I told him about our grand plan. I think we’re not doing bad at all in terms of following steps.

So it looks like the movie is doing a good job of promoting a road trip around Spain. For all we know, we might meet a crowd of Indian guys all around Spain doing road trip on the same route. I’ll let you know.

With the power of google map I present you our itinerary:

spain-gibraltar-morocco road trip

We’ll all fly to Barcelona (A) this Saturday, and drive straight to Costa Brava > Figueres/Cadaques for Salvador Dali sites > Valencia > Buñol (La Tomatina site) > Elche > Granada (for the mighty Alhambra) > Ronda > Gibraltar (British overseas territory) > Tarifa port to cross the strait of Gibraltar with ferry to Tangier, Morocco > Tetouan, Morocco > back with ferry to Tarifa > Sevilla > Cordoba > Toledo > Madrid. From Madrid I’ll fly back to London and Mighty Mona to Geneva (the Mauritian will part way with us after Granada).

We are hitting all the spots in the movie, except for Pamplona (San Fermín site — the running bulls) because it’s rather out of the way in North of Spain (you can see it on the map above). Pamplona and Buñol are well known for those two festivals and most probably don’t have much to see any other days, so I’m personally not keen, but Buñol is on our way so we’ll drop by anyway.

My anticipated highlights are Salvador Dali sites and the Alhambra. The fact that we’ll be crossing continent to Africa from South of Spain also sounds very cool!

All those in 17 days. We’ll be in Spain for Christmas and Morocco for New Year. It’ll be EPIC! :)

I shall be back posting in possibly around 3 weeks time. Happy Christmas and new year y’all!


Check my sequel posts for general highlights and more details on the itinerary.

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