On Comic-Style Art and Microcars

I’ve got introduced to this campaign for Smart car (which is only the cutest car ever!) and I thought it looks wonderful. Took a couple of screenshots for you, but you can go directly to their site to check out the whole comic-style illustrations.

smart cityflame

smart cityflame

It reminds me a bit of the Lichtenstein exhibition at Tate Modern that I went to just last weekend. Though I generally love classical art more than modern art (they’re sometimes waaay too abstract for me),¬†Lichtenstein’s paintings are heavily based on comic books!

Now I love comics and graphic novels (and really any kind of illustrations), just never thought that comic style paintings can be considered high-brow art that merits such a big exhibition at a place like Tate Modern. It’s really an eye opening. I am now intrigued, and would love to learn more about modern art!

Whaam! 1963 by Roy Lichtenstein 1923-1997

Whaam! 1963 by Roy Lichtenstein 1923-1997. Comic much?

I only started seeing a lot of Smart cars when I came to London. I don’t remember seeing it in Australia, as we have much more space over there. For cramped cities, it seems like a really convenient car to have. (I have another favourite, *cough* Mini *cough*, but that’s story for another day.) I love how you can park Smart car in any direction and it would just fit!

At first I always assumed microcars are Smart cars, but after reading more apparently there are more brands in Europe? Check out these ones I captured in Amsterdam (another city where I saw lots of tiny cars in!):

microcar in Amsterdam

Look how boxy it is!

pink microcar in Amsterdam

Wow that green raincoat is hideous

Might be helpful for Londoners: checking Smart car dealers in the UK (definitely more for the funkier Cityflame than the above boxy-flowery-pinky one :)

What other cities have lots of microcars, do you know? I heard there are lots in Berlin too.

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