Legoland Windsor

The Colorful World of Legoland

As a child I never had Lego (it was pretty expensive toy where I was – I also never had Barbie). But I always love the idea of Lego and even dreamed to have a Lego room when I grow up, filled in with all kinds of fancy Lego special sets, with the castles and grand buildings and the whole Lego city (oh heck, I still do).

While that Lego room has to wait, going to Legoland is the second best thing! Fortunately there is one in Windsor, just a bit outside of London. Apart from Windsor, UK, you can also find Legoland in Denmark (where it comes from), Germany, two in USA, and one in Malaysia. The one in Malaysia just opened in 2012. Wish it were there when I lived in Malaysia and Singapore!

(Pictures taken with Canon 450D with the standard lens 18-55mm. Click on the image to enlarge.)

Legoland Windsor

Enter the colorful world of Legoland!

Legoland Windsor

Legoland Windsor

Like the other theme parks Legoland has big rides and everything. But one of my favorite thing is the miniature world, where there are lots of iconic buildings made entirely from Lego.

Buckingham Palace Lego

Lego Buckingham Palace

London in Lego

Big Ben, London Eye, and Thames in Lego

More Lego London

More Lego London

Lego Tower Bridge

Lego Tower Bridge

Lego Piccadilly Circus

Lego Piccadilly Circus, complete with the Underground!

Lego Stadium

For football lovers out there :)

Moulin Rouge

Lego Moulin Rouge – there are several Parisian spots

Lego European town

Lego European town? (look at the people for comparison)

Legoland Windsor

Lego miniature world

As expected the miniatures are mostly European theme in Legoland UK. I would love to go to Malaysian Legoland to check out their miniature world as I’m sure there are a lot of Asian buildings! (From a quick Wiki glance there are Malaysian Petronas tower, Thailand palace, and China’s Forbidden City.)

There are also a lot of random Lego things scattered throughout the park:

Lego Dinosaur

Lego Dinosaur

Lego family

Lego family

Lego Goose

The Golden Goose story?

Lego Hedgehog

Cute little detail like Lego hedgehog <3

Lego Merlin

Lego Wizard (Merlin?)

lifesize Lego submarine

life size Lego submarine – you can go inside too!

life size Lego motorbike

life size Lego motorbike

Let me close this series with:

Lego decorated storage door

Lego decorated storage door – cute or what!

We ended the visit at the biggest Lego souvenir store and I came home with my first tiny Lego from Car :)

lego car

(ribbon not included)

While we’re talking about all things Lego, do you know that The LEGO Movie is coming out next year? I have friends working very hard on this, the teaser trailer looks great, and I can’t wait to see it!

Seems like LEGO will never grow old!

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