Charles Bridge, Prague

Europe’s Most Iconic Bridges

Churches, temples, museums, why not bridges?

The folks Titan Travel have kindly offered me to feature their latest infographic on Europe’s Most Iconic Bridges, and doesn’t that sound wonderful? (Also they have kindly sent me a copy of Michael Palin’s Around the World in 80 Days – the latest book selection for their travel book club. I know, they totally know how to get Mee! :)

Infographics seem to be the latest craze these days. I’ve been meaning to create one myself, but it’s so hard to steal some spare time. Meanwhile, enjoy this one courtesy of Titan Travel!

Europe's Most Iconic Bridges

What a great list! I have seen with my own eyes The Tower Bridge in London, Charles Bridge in Prague, and Ponte Vecchio in Florence, and I can confidently vouch that they are amazing and worth all the effort in the world to go to.

I’ve been to Paris a couple of times but didn’t particularly remember Pont Neuf. Have to pay more attention next time. I’m heading to Venice in September, so I shall see Rialto Bridge (and maybe update this page), while Hungary (Budapest) and Portugal (Lisbon) have been on my bucket list for a while. One of these days.

The following pictures are courtesy of yours truly:

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge, London

Charles Bridge, Prague

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy

Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy

For people living in the UK, consider going to Pulteney Bridge in Bath, which is the only other historic bridge apart from Ponte Vecchio that has shops built into both sides of the bridge. A more modest version of Ponte Vecchio if you will :)

Pulteney Bridge, Bath, England

Pulteney Bridge, Bath, England

Does any of those bridges take your fancy? How about your own local bridges? Maybe you will pay more attention the next time you cross a river! :)


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