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Mee’s Highlights of 2013

By the end of this week I’ll be flying to Istanbul, that used to be known as Constantinople, that used to be known as Byzantium – a city so historical it has three names! — now in modern Turkey. I’ll be there for 16 days, and back in January, so this would well be Wandering Mee’s last post of the year. I’ll be posting on my Facebook page, so please head over that way and Like it to get my updates.

To keep you busy, I’m going to summarize and highlight what has been happening on Wandering Mee in the past year.

Today I’ve written 79 posts — 58 of them are on Europe, 14 on Asia, but my most popular post by far, that is constantly at the top of my most visited page, is Seoul, the Soul of Korea – in which I laid out 8 day itinerary for Seoul. What does this mean, I wonder? Are there just a lot of people want to go to Seoul? South Korea is a popular tourist destination for sure. That post is closely followed by my other post on Korea – Going Naked in South Korea Public Bath. This one I can understand, as it has the word naked on it. Imagine the horde of boys hoping to find naked photos, of Korean girls perhaps? In fact there’s no photo on the post except for a single image of non-bathhouse.

Naejangsan, South Korea

Naejangsan, South Korea

Another very popular post is THAT Spain Road Trip – The Dirty Details, in which I laid out the details to do your own trip in (mainly) South of Spain. Both the Seoul and the Spain road trip posts were originally requested by either friend or someone stumbling upon this blog. The road trip details post was the last of the other two I’ve posted earlier: A Spain Road Trip Following The Steps of an Indian Movie (pre-trip) and Spain-Gibraltar-Morocco Road Trip: How Did We Go? (post-trip).

Plaza de Espana, Sevilla

Plaza de Espana, Sevilla, Spain

Considering the popularity level of Harry Potter, it is then not so surprising that my post on J.K. Rowling in Edinburgh is always hovering on the top five. In Thus Born the Boy Wizard: Tracing J.K. Rowling Steps in Edinburgh I wrote about Harry Potter-y stuff that I found in Edinburgh, thanks to the walking tour I went with.

A guest post on Penang and Its Street Art by my friend Ee-Leng was quick to be readers’ favourite, while my Beginner’s Guide to Indonesia was one that invited the most controversy apparently. Considering the plethora of Paris posts around the internet (I could only imagine), it’s also surprising that How To Do Paris in 24 Hours is doing so well. Some posts seemed to sink in obscurity before suddenly got a second wind and crept into the top posts list, like Stylized Jesus at La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona and Border Love: Crossing the Heart of Pyrénées from Barcelona to Lourdes.

Penang street art

Penang street art, Malaysia

My own favorites may include: Mee’s Journey in Hand Drawn Maps, Hay-on-Wye, Wales – The Town of Books, and In the Steps of A Serial Killer: Jack Ripper in East London or the time when I found MOOCs. But really, personally I find it hard to play favorites. It’s like having to choose your favorite child. Which one is more beautiful? South of France or North of Italy? Cambridge or York? Hard to say!

Abbaye de Senanque

Abbaye de Senanque, France

Entering the year of 2014, I do have some changes in mind. I’m going to work on the novel I wrote during NaNoWriMo, so I have to somehow limit my time on this blog. I think it is important for me to keep maintaining this space, but to do that I have to make some adjustments. Instead of long posts, I may do more short posts. Instead of a full coverage of a place, I might pop up a single image with a slice of story. I’ll see how I’m going with it, and hopefully you will enjoy them all the same.

Thank you for visiting and being here. As always I welcome suggestions and questions, and as I have done a few times, I might write up a whole post – just for you :)



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