Tarifa port, Spain

How to Cross Continents Without Flying

Or How to See Africa from Europe with Naked Eyes

(the other title I was considering for this post)

Aren’t you excited about the opportunity to cross continents by sea? I’m oddly fascinated by crossing border between countries by land so the chance to cross continents made me giddy.

There are only two areas in the world where you can cross continents without flying. You can cross between Europe and Africa, and you can cross between Europe and Asia. Crossing between Asia and Europe can be done in  two cities in Turkey: Istanbul and Canakkale. But while that in itself is pretty cool, it happens in the same country.

Crossing from Europe to Africa means you cross between two continents and two countries – doubly cool.

First, go to South of Spain, hah! There are a couple of ferry ports in South of Spain as departure point to go to Africa, but the easiest one according to my research and the one I’ve been through myself is Tarifa port. Tarifa is about an hour away from Gibraltar – which is another interesting spot I need to write about sometime.

You’d probably be driving when you get there (I doubt there’s good public transport around). Tarifa has a large parking spot where you can park your car and just bring yourself across the continents, which is what we did. You could also bring your car across, but as we only spent a couple of nights at the edge of Africa and came back, so we decided to just leave it.

The ferry from Tarifa goes to Tangier, Morocco. Morocco is a huge, long-shape country, so it would take a while to explore. On that trip we were concentrating on Spain and spent a couple of weeks there road-trip-ing, so I’d need another time to explore Morocco. But the excursion to Africa was a pretty awesome experience. The ferry ride only took about 45 minutes and the ferry was clean and large. It goes back and forth a few times a day, and you can book the ticket from the website or just buy it on the spot.

Highly recommended!

view of Africa from Gibraltar

View of Africa from Gibraltar (the land on the left side) – the only spot where you can see two continents and two seas with naked eye (also how cool is God light?)


Tarifa port, Spain

Tarifa port, Spain. The cross-continent ferry in the background.


Tarifa port, Spain

Tarifa port, Spain


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