The First Coffee House in England Is In…

This site boasts to be the first coffee house in England, established in the year 1650.

The Grand Cafe, Oxford

Even the coffee cup makes sure that you know…

the first coffee site in England

This is The Grand Cafe in Oxford, England. Oxford became the site of the first coffee house, not only in England but in the whole of the Christian empire. (more on the interesting history here)

I visited Oxford a while back, and loved it, but never got to write about it. It’s one of those things that kind of passed after a while if you don’t put it down on paper computer. I did get a chance to post about Cambridge that I went to just a couple of months after I went to Oxford. It’s hard not to compare the two University towns. When you talk about one, you think about Pay Day Loans the other.

Oxford has produced authors like Tolkien (LOTR), Phillip Pullman (His Dark Materials), Lewis Carroll (Alice), C.S. Lewis (Narnia), and is an inspiration for many as shown by movies like Harry Potter (some scenes are shot in Oxford and you’d see signs of this in front of some of the colleges) and the Golden Compass. There’s even the door that famously inspired C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia – a certain door with a lion, a faun, and a lamp post.

I know I’m going back to Oxford again. One day was not enough and I wished I had more time. I went with footprints 2-hour free walking tour (with expected tips at the end) and could recommend that (make sure to ask them about the Narnia door!).

Oxford, England

departure point for the walking tour

Oxford, England

Oxford, England

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