Funkier Site for UNESCO World Heritage Sites

As regular readers know, I’m really into UNESCO World Heritage Sites, meaning I try to include them as much as possible in my travels. So this new interactive website done by folks at piqued my interest:

I’ve been playing around with it a bit, and think it’s worth sharing. The UNESCO website is getting old, and a more modern website as complementary resource is surely welcome.

This is the page for United Kingdom for example, and this is the overview of the members, which mentions that: Italy in First Place with 49 World Heritage Sites: About One Every 6,000

Mount Etna and Medici’s Villas and Gardens became World Heritage last year, making Italy the country with more UNESCO sites in the World. China comes second, but its dimensions are more than 30 times those of Italy. Mexico is the only country to appear in the top ten that is not from the UNESCO Regions of the Europe & North America and Asia & The Pacific UNESCO Region – which, we saw earlier, detain most of the World Heritage Sites.

So go to Italy for your healthy dose of World Heritage!

I did a very unscientific count myself (meaning I didn’t really count and just used my eyes to see how long the lists are) a while back of the countries with most World Heritage sites. This is what I said last time: (feels good to be quoting myself)

Looking at the complete list, looks like the countries that give you the most bang for the bucks are China, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain! They each have tons of sites! The next ones to note are Russia, United Kingdom, India, and Mexico. Considering the size of Mexico in comparison to United States, Mexico has so much more to offer, surprisingly!

And this page confirms that the top 10 countries are (at the moment – since they add new sites every year):

  1. Italy (49 sites)
  2. China (45 sites)
  3. Spain (44 sites)
  4. Germany (39 sites)
  5. France (38 sites)
  6. Mexico (32 sites)
  7. India (30 sites)
  8. United Kingdom (28 sites)
  9. Russia (25 sites)
  10. USA (21 sites)

There you go, rearrange your list if you have to! So far I have NOT visited China, Mexico, India, and Russia. I wonder what they would do to my number when I get to them.

I’ll be using the site more in addition to the official UNESCO site. Hope you find it useful!

UNESCO World Heritage - Cinque Terre

Visit to a World Heritage includes the hunt for the UNESCO World Heritage sign – which is not always prominent!

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