Wandering Mee was down for 8 days and I feel that I have to apologize to… everyone out there that expected this site to be alive. I felt bad. Imagine my mom, and all the googlers that were lost and looking for directions from some blog in the World Wide Web.

Just my luck that I was notified by my host of the bad news on the night when I was about to fly out to a place where there’s no internet and no access to my laptop to fix the damage – for 8 days!

The site was taken down by my host because of the malicious files in my WordPress-es. WordPress’s vulnerabilities constantly give me troubles and are really quite worrying, but there’s no substitute blogging platform that I know of so far, so I guess I’ll just have to live with it, uninstall all unnecessary plugins and themes, and keep everything up to date as fast as I can before the hackers send their nasty little digital armies.

I’m also now trying SiteLock which scans all my files daily and removes/fix any malicious ones. It’s not cheap, but I feel that I can’t afford to have the same thing happen again, so I will try it for a while.

Meanwhile I have a few posts coming, so stay tune! :)


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