7 Reasons to Visit Bradford in 2015

This post is brought to you by Catherine Lavinia, a reader of this blog. Coincidentally I am currently reading Bill Bryson’s Notes from a Small Island about his travels around Britain, and he mentioned the city of Bradford, which I never heard until last week. I feel for these small towns in Britain. Competing with the biggies and not to mention London must be challenging. So let’s see what Catherine has to say about Bradford.

Bradford, England

Bradford, England

West Yorkshire hides the gem called Bradford. In the 19th century Bradford’s wool industry was number one in the world. Nowadays there are other things that make this city attractive for tourists. Here are some of them.

  1. The title ‘The World’s First UNESCO City of Film’ was awarded to Bradford for an invaluable contribution to cinema. Starting from World War 1 film directors have been building up their works of cinema art at the picturesque locations in Bradford. The National Media Museum allows visitors to see for free the 3D IMAX screen which is the largest one in the world and trace the evolution of television. (Mee: Bill Bryson mentioned this to be the highlight of his visit)

  2. Impressions Gallery is devoted to contemporary photography. It has been inspiring people and accumulating talented photographers for 42 years. It is not-for-profit and strives to make photography art available for everyone.

  3. City Park is a perfect place to blow the cobwebs and feel the beauty of the landscape. It is located in the center of Bradford and has three areas, the Norfolk Gardens, Centenary Square and the Mirror Pool. The last one deserves a special mention. It has 100 fountains playing their show together with the help of laser projectors. The highest fountain in Bradford reaches 100ft. This public space is one of the popular venues in summer. Children joyfully splash in the water, young people from student accommodation Bradford get together and loudly discuss their plans, and others sit on the benches and enjoy a wonderful day.

  4. The village of Haworth is west of Bradford. Here the famous Bronte sisters were born and wrote their novels without which Britain literature was inconceivable. The Haworth Parsonage, their former home and the museum now, still keeps the personal things of Charlotte, Anne and Emilie Bronte and environment that had inspired them. (Mee: on my wish list!)

  5. Bradford is Curry Capital of Great Britain. Moreover, it has received this honorable title for the past four years. That’s why every visitor feels it’s his or her duty to try a curry. Indian and Asian restaurants welcome you and serve the most delicious dish. (Mee: Bill Bryson also mentioned this!)

  6. Saltaire Village also known as Salt Mills was constructed by Sir Titus Salt between 1851 and 1876. It became the World Heritage Site in 2001. This industrial village will show you Victorian Britain. Shops, cafes and a park will make your visit more comfortable. The ground floor of Salt Mills houses the 1853 Gallery exhibiting the works of David Hockney.

  7. If you are an architecture lover, you’ll definitely give big points to the historical area named Little Germany. After the German merchants who lived there in the 19th. They invested big amounts of money in construction of amazing buildings designed for offices and warehouses.

I have listed seven reasons why you should visit in 2015. But this rank is not complete. Go to Bradford and make your own list!

Thanks Catherine. I happen to have visited Saltaire Village when I visited York, and it was a lovely World Heritage industrial village.

Saltaire, England

Saltaire, England

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