Himeji Castle, Japan

Mee’s Japan Wish List

So Japan is officially the country I’ve written most about without actually having been there! This time Mee has teamed up with Air France to compile my wish list. The collaboration could not come at a better timing, because it’s very likely that I will finally go to Japan next spring. I know I’ve said that many times now, but I think next year might be really the year. So now is about a good time to compile my wish list.

As regular readers would know, I compile my wish list largely based on the World Heritage sites, so we have those, plus the dreamy Ghibli Museum. For first trip I imagine I can probably only spend time in Tokyo and Kyoto and their surroundings. Luckily there are quite a few World Heritage sites in the reasonable vicinity of the two cities.

You can click on the pins on the map to see my description of each destination. (The pictures are under Common Creative license from the net.) The team created this bespoke interactive map for me to post. I was worried they would get some locations wrong but they’re doing a great job :).

Dear Air France,
Will you fly me to Tokyo in spring 2016?
Best wishes,
Mee :) <3

Featured image of Himeji Castle is borrowed off Japan Guide.

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